Pangosmion Adventures


Who we are


Building relationships. Creating memories.


Delivering quality results whether it is a Teambuilding Activity or a Corporate Event.


Innovate, Activate, Motivate.

The Company

The history of the company, with its original form as Pangosmion Travel,
starts back in 1932, in the city of Athens.

Since 1993, people in Pangosmion Adventures have spent considerable time into business development of corporate and alternative tourism forms
and today Pangosmion Adventures is in full operation.

Market position of Pangosmion Adventures was quickly established and the approach to the industry from its new generation members,
indicated that within a few years, Pangosmion Adventures would count several prestigious companies as its clients.

People in Pangosmion Adventures remain fully committed to its clients and to the market’s growing demands,
providing a high quality services and innovative ideas.

Why us

  • Flexibility and fast response
  • Personal and friendly service
  • Positive attitude and cooperation
  • Strong purchasing power
  • In-house operations for all activity sections
  • Careful eye over your budget and standards
  • Control over your event
  • Venue finding service
  • Maintaining integrity, honesty and transparency in all operations
  • Conceptualization, design and development of all projects to produce extraordinary results
  • Service with the same consideration and focus on the needs, wants and expectations of the client, regardless of the size of the event

The team

The Pangosmion Adventures culture is nurtured by a group of young and dynamic individuals with the aim to provide the best possible service and the most creative ideas. Each individual is selected on his or her experience and academic backgrounds
and their abilities are being further enhanced by “on the job training”.

Also, a succession of in-house training courses is conducted, which enable the Pangosmion Adventures Team to learn more about the product and to rehearse new activities and events. Motivational and feedback meetings are also used to encourage active participation in the creative and operational elements, which make our company an expert.

This team of handpicked industry specialists, using leading edge technology, is committed to handle every aspect of an event
from conception to completion, with unfailing attention to detail.

Join Us

We’re always looking for talented people with strong skill sets who will fit Pangosmion Adventures’ forward-thinking,
friendly work environment, and are just as passionate and result-oriented as we are.

In addition to experience and education, we value people who have a variety of strengths and passions, not just isolated skill sets.
We seek individuals who are innovative, collaborative, and agile.

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