Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our responsibility to manage the environmental and social impact of our CSR activities, products and services. We have developed team building activities with our CSR policy in mind, giving the opportunity to companies and organisations to discover their social nature.

We are able to suggest a CSR direction offering specific events so that you get a great team experience but also raise consciousness and awareness of CSR. These activities can be tailored to reflect your own CSR policy and all offer unique opportunities.

  • Build a Bike Give a Smile

    Participants will have the chance to live the unique experience of assembling bicycles for underprivileged children, and at the same time have a fun and enjoyable team building activity!

  • Charity Quest

    Teams will make a vital contribution to a local community or charity organization, using the points collected during a unique activity that will have them exploring the visiting area!

  • Toy Factory

    Have your guests unite as they project manage a conveyor belt of tasks and dedicate their talent to producing toys for disadvantaged youngsters!

  • House Painting

    During this activity, participants will develop socially responsible attitudes, while struggling with the demanding task of painting the children home of a charity organization!

  • Recycled Art

    Recycled Art sets up a beautiful on-site Green art studio and brings people together in a uniquely creative team building program!

  • The Wheelchair Project

    This CSR program will give to your employees the chance to help disabled people with serious mobility issues and at the same time improve their collaboration!

…and many more!

We provide a broad range of team building activities, from icebreakers to full day team challenges, which are designed to improve communication, teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving, through participants’ self-development.

Pangosmion Adventures brings impact to your team event. We provide ideas of how your event can be designed to work with your favorite charity, cause, social or environmental project.

We provide a whole range of corporate events and entertainment ideas, from conferences and gala dinners to parties and welcome cocktails.

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