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Elefsina Festival

A mind-blowing festival at the Old Olive Oil Press of Elefsina!

Case Study: A unique event request for 1000 guests of a metal sector company from abroad, who had travelled to Athens. The special need for an appropriate venue, to start with, in addition to the festive atmosphere and tailor-made themed entertainment, which needed to be created from scratch, were definitely a challenge that required an out-of-the-box approach.

The result was a dynamic show with a Theatrical act, live music bands, fire-jugglers, street artists, graffiti artists workshop, experience rooms and food trucks. The industrial location the Old Olive Oil Press of Elefsina was transformed into an exceptional venue for the needs of this festival. Food trucks and canteens, mobile drink stations and belly trays, 2 stages with international music bands, lounge bars and Greek taverns, designed to host more than 1000 people!

Upon arrival, guests were received on the path leading to the Amphitheatre, by Olympic Drummers, with new custom-made drums, archaic priestesses holding lit torches and living statues of Olympian Gods and Caryatids.

As soon as all guests arrived at the venue and took their seats at the Amphitheatre, they experienced a tailor-made Theatrical show about Hephaestus, God of iron and fire, son of Hera, Queen of the Gods. Under mythical music, stilt-walking fire-jugglers, acrobats, actors, dancers, musicians and drummers, performed together in the story of how Hephaestus interfered in the battle of Achilles against river Xanthus and helped him triumph!

After enjoying the amazing theatrical show which ended up with fireworks and a spectacular 3D video mapping on the remaining walls of the Old Olive Oil press, guests were spread around the area to enjoy the street food and the street acts. Street vendors, strolling musicians, silent street comedians, jugglers, flair bartenders, hip hop dancers, are only some of the acts that guests enjoyed during the evening. Photo booths, virtual reality rooms, escape rooms, graffiti walls, were also available for them to experience!

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