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csr build a bike

Build a bike for a Charity.

The world’s greatest team building program increasing your Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]

I will never forget my first bicycle!” Making a dream come true!

The most Meaningful team building on earth!!!

The “Build a Bike-Give a Smile”, is like nothing you have ever experienced – a completely unique opportunity to learn more about yourself, your group and the organization. An opportunity to view the social nature of your company!

Participants will have to compete in various tasks in order to be rewarded with bicycle parts and tools that will help them complete a bicycle that will be donated to a children organization. Giving your employees the chance to live this unique experience, the experience of making such a charity and at the same time having a team building activity will improve the collaboration and the social awareness of your employees.

Through Build a Bike-Give a Smile you also give away moments of happiness and pleasure.

Your group is not only making a dream come true but also delegates have fun and enjoy themselves in this meaningful team building activity.

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