Team Building Activities

Using our vast experience in the field, we deliver the highest quality team building activities programs, designated by forward thinking, creativity and innovation.
We create programs around our clients’ needs, taking several factors into consideration such as the venue and delegates’ profile, ensuring that you and your team will succeed the desired outcome, while having greatly improved your teamwork skills and having had an entertaining day throughout.

  • The iQuest®

    Get your teams exploring the activity area, using iPad® devices and a customized app, in a high-tech team building challenge guaranteed to get the competitive spirit pumping!

  • Mission Possible

    Through various team activities, participants develop vital team work while reinforcing skills and business values, with a common goal – success within a set time frame!

  • Road Rally

    Teams will discover Greece’s beautiful landscapes, by 4×4 SUVs, on road or off the beaten path, while following a series of checkpoints full of surprises!

  • Poseidon’s Quest

    Poseidon’s Quest makes an excellent day’s activity with various challenges to be completed, in several different locations along the Attica Coastline, or on islands and islets in the Saronic Gulf!

  • Walk like a local

    Participants will become familiar with some features of the life of locals, while visiting some of the most interesting and historical sites of the destination in a special way, during a -beyond the usual- relaxed walk.

  • The Marble Olympics

    Experience the uniqueness of a team activity inside an archaeological and Olympic site!

  • Flash Mob

    Get your team into motion with an intensely creative, highly energetic, and incredibly collaborative activity which will bring people together in a “flash mob” experience!

  • Master Chef Challenge

    Invite your teams to the special challenge of creating their next meal of typical Greek flavors, or even more demanding and gourmet dishes!

  • Workshops

    Provide your guests with workshops that will offer them the opportunity to express themselves, be ingenious and finally proud of their creations!

…and many more!

We provide a broad range of team building activities, from icebreakers to full day team challenges, which are designed to improve communication, teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving, through participants’ self-development.

Pangosmion Adventures brings impact to your team event. We provide ideas of how your event can be designed to work with your favorite charity, cause, social or environmental project.

We provide a whole range of corporate events and entertainment ideas, from conferences and gala dinners to parties and welcome cocktails.

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