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Dinner of Gods

An ancient themed event that will take you on a trip to the Greek Mythology!

Let our Ancient Priestesses and Olympic Drummers welcome your guests!

Upon arrival at the venue, your guests will be received on the path leading into the main area, which will be lined with drummers and priestesses that will form a corridor welcoming the guests. A welcoming rhythm will sound from the drummers while the priestess will be holding lit torches on the path to welcome the guests.

Inside the venue, living statues of Ancient Greek Gods of Olympus and the Caryatids, will be standing still giving the impression of a lively decoration effect, until it is time for them to move!

An ancient harp, a stringed instrument which accompanied symposiums and Dionysian rituals, will echo inside the venue, creating mythical music!

Ancient Greek music will start playing and the priestesses will enter and approach the stage where the altar is, in order to light up the Olympic Flame. The ceremonial dance for the lighting of the Olympic Flame is performed and then, the head-priestess lights the torch.

An ancient themed event that will take you on a trip back to antiquity!

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